Really Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

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Really Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

A few years after I retired, I realized that I was spending more and more time laying around the house and less time doing the things that I loved. I started thinking carefully about what I could do to change things, and it was very apparent to me that I needed to focus more of my energy on getting outdoors and enjoying my free time. I started learning more about recreation and sports, and within a few weeks, I found myself trying new adventures with friends like kayaking and bungee jumping. This blog is here to help other people to learn how to enjoy their time away from work to make the most of their lives.


Give Your Wife A Garden-Themed Christmas Gift

29 November 2017
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Have you noticed that your wife always seems to know exactly what you want for Christmas? And, in all reality, she might even already have your presents bought and wrapped while you're still pondering over what to give her. If you have been thinking about her interests and those interests are centered on gardening, consider giving your wife, a garden-themed gift this Christmas. Do Some Snooping Around - You for sure don't want to buy her garden-themed items that she already has, right? Read More …

Ready To Buy Your First Handgun? 4 Safety Measures You Should Employ

17 November 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're about to buy your first handgun from a seller like First Southern Service, you're about to join a large group. About 1/3 of the households in the US own guns. As a gun owner, you have a responsibility to those around you to protect against accidental discharge. That means you need to take special precautions to keep your guns out of the wrong hands. Here are four important steps you should take to secure your guns. Read More …

Three Tips For Your RV Travel

30 October 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

When you need to be sure that you're enjoying your RV vacation, it's critical to plan your trip out accordingly. Not only do you need to get your hands on the best RV and take great care of it, you'll need to find the best RV sites. By taking the time to care for your RV and plan out your trip, you'll make the decisions that serve you. With this in mind, read on and take advantage of the points in this article. Read More …

First Date Coming Up? Make It An Alligator Hunting Adventure!

12 October 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Meeting someone new is all about getting to know them. You want to create a space that is open and inviting so that your date will feel comfortable talking with you and sharing more about who they are. While you may have gone on previous first dates that included dinner and a movie, it's time to spice things up a bit. Think outside of the box so you can generate an experience that they will remember. Read More …

What Is Done When Your Boat Is Winterized?

24 September 2017
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At the end of boat season, it is strongly recommended that you have a boat service done that is called winterizing. Winterizing helps to prepare your boat for both cold temperatures and for sitting unused for months. Problems can arise if your boat is not winterized that can make your boat need repairs once warm weather hits and you are ready to take your boat out on the water again. Many people are unfamiliar with what winterizing a boat consists of and what actions are performed during this boat service. Read More …