Give Your Wife A Garden-Themed Christmas Gift

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Give Your Wife A Garden-Themed Christmas Gift

29 November 2017
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Have you noticed that your wife always seems to know exactly what you want for Christmas? And, in all reality, she might even already have your presents bought and wrapped while you're still pondering over what to give her. If you have been thinking about her interests and those interests are centered on gardening, consider giving your wife, a garden-themed gift this Christmas.

Do Some Snooping Around - You for sure don't want to buy her garden-themed items that she already has, right? So, put on your Magnum, P.I. or your Columbo hat and do some detective work. Scout your bookshelves to see which gardening books your wife already owns, go to the area where she keeps her gardening tools, and even check the utility room and the kitchen area to see if she has a cache or gardening things in drawers, cabinets, and on the shelves. After you've done a thorough evaluation of what your wife already has in the way of gardening supplies, you'll be ready to do your Christmas shopping for her. Listen for hints that she might give, even without knowing she's doing that. For example, if she has talked about expanding her rose garden, make a note to buy nutrients to put in the soil that will be conducive to growing award-winning roses. 

Start Your Shopping - The first thing you should do is to find a good source for buying gardening supplies. If your wife frequents a particular nursery, the workers there might know her well enough to tell you items she might not have. For example, she might be using regular kitchen shears to cut flowers. If so, think about buying excellent quality replacement shears that are designed especially for garden work. Even if she already has gardening gloves and old shoes she wears to garden in, think about replacing them with new gloves and shoes that have a cute design that you know she would love. For example, if she loves butterflies, select gloves that have them as part of the design. 

Instead of putting the gardening items in a gift basket or in a gift bag, think of buying a foldable garden wagon in which to present the items you have selected. Choose a folding compact wagon that is easy to store and easy to transport. The foldable garden wagon will be a great gift in itself. Consider stocking it with the tools and other gardening items that you have selected and add a gift card to the nursery where she can buy brand new plants when spring arrives.

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