Renting A Cottage By The Sea

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Renting A Cottage By The Sea

18 January 2018
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Whatever your reason for seeking refuge in a cottage rental near the sea, certainly you hope to do so without trouble. However, if you've never sought such a space before, the following rental questions must be raised first.

1. Does the Owner Have Many Personal Belongings in the Cottage?

Many cottage owners rent out their own personal beach homes to vacationers. They may not only have bed linens and towels for your use, but they might have personal knickknacks and belongings throughout the place. This can make the cottage seem more homey and can often allow you to enjoy the place as if it were your own, but you must be careful with their things. Should you plan on bringing your children along, ensure that you know what kinds of things will be in the home and talk with your kids about respecting the belongings of others.

You should also be well aware of the condition in which you must leave the cottage when you conclude your stay. Some owners hire cleaning services to handle linens, while others ask that you launder and wash what you've used. Ask about any money to be set aside for possible damages.

2. Are Guests Permitted?

Many cottage owners are happy to place you in charge of the home until you leave and hold you responsible for any guests you might have. Other owners, however, may not want anyone else in the house other than those expressly given permission. Ask about guests and whether yours will be allowed to stay with you.

3. Are There Local Recommendations?

For enhanced enjoyment of the cottage and the surrounding beach area, you may ask the owner for restaurant recommendations and other suggestions for your stay. This will give you a starting point with which to explore the town and allow the owner to share some of the things they love about the area.

4-Is an Extended Stay Possible?

After some time in a seaside cottage, you may regret that you haven't booked the place for a longer period. Before arranging the rental, ask the realtor or owner whether an extension will be possible so that if you truly are having an enjoyable time, you can stay.

Renting vacation cottages can be one of the true pleasures of any summer. Talk more with the owner or realtor to ensure the stay is what you hoped it would be.