Really Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

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Really Enjoying Your Time Away From Work

A few years after I retired, I realized that I was spending more and more time laying around the house and less time doing the things that I loved. I started thinking carefully about what I could do to change things, and it was very apparent to me that I needed to focus more of my energy on getting outdoors and enjoying my free time. I started learning more about recreation and sports, and within a few weeks, I found myself trying new adventures with friends like kayaking and bungee jumping. This blog is here to help other people to learn how to enjoy their time away from work to make the most of their lives.


Four Reasons Why Bay Boats Make Excellent Duck and Alligator Hunting Boats

10 February 2018
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Bay boats are becoming popular again. Bay boats are lightweight boats that can accommodate several people. You can fish on them, and you can hunt on them, too. In fact, they are ideal boats for hunting ducks and alligators. Here are four reasons why you should use a bay boat on your next aquatic hunting trip. 1. Their Flat Bottoms Make It Easy to Hide in Tall Reeds Ducks will spot hunters in any boats on the water. Read More …

In A Recreation Rut? Here’s Four Ideas to Stop Spinning Your Wheels

31 January 2018
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If doing the same old activities during your leisure time is making you feel as if you're spinning your wheels in leisure time rut, that's a sign that it's time to shake things up. Fortunately, there are many leisure activities that won't leave you feeling bored and dissatisfied. Following are four of them.  Pistol Shooting Many people think of pistol shooting as something that people learn how to do in order to better protect themselves and their loved ones from criminals. Read More …

Renting A Cottage By The Sea

18 January 2018
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Whatever your reason for seeking refuge in a cottage rental near the sea, certainly you hope to do so without trouble. However, if you've never sought such a space before, the following rental questions must be raised first. 1. Does the Owner Have Many Personal Belongings in the Cottage? Many cottage owners rent out their own personal beach homes to vacationers. They may not only have bed linens and towels for your use, but they might have personal knickknacks and belongings throughout the place. Read More …

Cardio Workouts

28 December 2017
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What is a cardiovascular workout? It is any moderate physical activity that can increase your oxygen demands and heart rate. Your aerobic fitness level depends on how much oxygen you are able to take in, transport and utilize, as well as how strong your heart is. The Benefits of a Cardiovascular Workout More often than not, the first benefit of a cardiovascular workout that comes to mind is that it helps burn body fat. Read More …

Dance Classes For Special Needs Kids: Pointers For Parents

15 December 2017
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If you view your child not as one with disabilities, but rather challenges, that is good. However, you must also learn what your child's limitations are, since it will help you guide your child in a direction that is positive for him/her. Dance classes can help, as they reveal what a child can and cannot do. You will have to find dance classes for special needs children at a dance studio. Read More …