The Fastest Way To Venison On Your Table Tonight

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The Fastest Way To Venison On Your Table Tonight

12 April 2018
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If you love to hunt deer, and you love venison, you may spend a lot of time in the woods. If you live close to the woods and have several deer tiptoe across your property, munching on stuff as they go, maybe you would not have to go into the woods. The only problem is trying to keep those "yard deer" from running off the minute you open a window or door to take aim with your hunting rifle. Try some of the following products on your "yard deer" if you want venison on your table tonight.

Deer Apples

Yeah, it sounds weird, but if you live in the Midwest and hunt for deer, it is an approach that really gets the deer coming. You have to drive to an apple orchard in the fall, buy up crates of apples that are either too small or too bruised for human consumption, and then roll the apples out on the lawn. Deer go nuts for these small, bitter, and almost slightly fermented apples. They come to you in droves, and you get a freezer full of venison.

Automatic Deer Feeders

Deer are herbivores, which means they love fruit and veggies. More to the point, they love corn. They also love grain. Lucky for you that there are automatic deer feeders that will feed deer whatever you want to feed them. Buy an automatic feeder that feeds them licks of grain, another feeder that holds out deer apples and loads the apples up like a tennis ball cannon, and a feeder that dispenses dried corn. If you provide them with a variety of auto feeders and their favorite foods, the deer come in droves to what is essentially a deer buffet.

Deer in Heat

If you really want to drive deer crazy, slather the feeders up with deer pheromones. These liquids can be sprayed on or rubbed onto the feeders. The deer track out the smell of bucks and does in heat, and stay for the food instead. If the wind blows in just the right direction, deer can smell all of the above for several miles. 

Sit Quietly in Hiding on Your Back Porch

Finally, you can attract all the deer you want, but if you are not in position, you cannot shoot. Find a quiet spot on the back porch where you can hunker down, hide, and still be comfortable for a while. Do this at dusk and dawn, and you will get your deer. 

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