Carrying Your Gear Into The Field When Hunting In Your Favorite Waterfowl Location

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Carrying Your Gear Into The Field When Hunting In Your Favorite Waterfowl Location

19 October 2022
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Ducks are one of the most common waterfowl hunted but may require a lot of gear for a successful day in the field. Taking all your gear requires some way to carry it, and a waterfowl hunting backpack or blind bag can be a huge asset if you get one that is made well and offers the features you need.

Gear Bags

Waterfowl hunting blind bags or backpacks are a great way to carry everything you need to your blind or hunting spot. Most waterfowl hunting starts before dawn, so it can be challenging to navigate the woods and marshes in the area you are hunting, and any gear bag that makes that easier can make your hunt more pleasurable. 

A waterfowl hunting backpack should have enough space to carry anything you may need while out in the field. That may be ammo, food, water, dry clothing, or duck calls you use every time you are out. If there are things you can not fit in the bag and you have to choose what you will carry, you may need to look for a larger backpack.

The purpose of the blind bag or backpack is to allow you to take the things you need with you. If you are making choices and leaving some things behind, you may find you need something that you do not have when you need it.

Dedicated Storage Pockets

Some waterfowl hunting backpacks or blind bags have a large exterior pocket on them that is made specifically to put birds in to carry them out. The game pocket is isolated from the rest of the pack to ensure nothing else inside the bag comes in contact with the game, and the pockets can make it easier to carry out your kill while keeping your hands free. 

The bird pockets on most hunting bags are not large enough to carry a lot of birds in, but if you have a few ducks or small birds, they will typically fit. You will need to unload your waterfowl hunting blind bag after you return home and wash it to remove anything from the bird pocket, but if you take some large plastic bags with you, you can put the birds in it and then put them in the bag pocket and keep your bag much cleaner. 

Many hunting bags have dedicated waterproof pockets that can hold ammo, matches, and things that need to stay dry. Waterfowl hunting often takes place in marshes or on the edge of a lake or pond, so keeping things out of the water is necessary. Most waterfowl hunting backpacks are made from water-resistant material, but check the bag or ask an associate at the store if it is waterproof.