Why You Should Equip Your Pistol Magazines With Base Pads

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Why You Should Equip Your Pistol Magazines With Base Pads

13 August 2021
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you do a lot of target shooting with a pistol, it's a good idea to always be looking for various ways that you can upgrade your firearm. A visit to a local gun shop will give you a multitude of ideas, and if you have a specific issue, you can always discuss it with an experienced salesperson. A magazine base pad is an accessory that you'll find in virtually every gun shop. Typically made of heavy rubber, this low-cost device mounts to the bottom of your pistol magazine. If you usually use a few magazines during a shooting session, you should think about buying a base pad for each one. Here are some reasons to use this accessory.

It Makes Magazines Easier To Grab

When you attach a base pad to the bottom of one of your pistol magazines, the first thing that you'll likely notice is how the magazine is easier to handle. The bulky nature of the base pad gives you something to hang onto when you push the magazine into the handle of your pistol before a shooting session. If you're shooting in the rain and your magazine feels slick from the moisture, the rubber of the base pad will feel somewhat sticky in your hand, which ensures that you don't lose control of it.

It Helps Magazines To Fall Quickly

When you hit the magazine release button on your pistol, you want the empty magazine to fall out of the gun quickly so that you can reload it with a full magazine. Many shooting enthusiasts practice this drill and take pride in performing it quickly. Empty magazines tend to be light in weight, which means that they sometimes don't slide out of the gun very quickly. The extra weight of a base pad will help the magazine to fall quickly — meaning that you'll be able to load the next one immediately.

It Reduces The Impact Of Falling Magazines

Depending on where you're shooting, any empty magazine that you release from your pistol will fall to the ground or to a table in front of you. Depending on how the magazine hits the ground, damage could occur. A plastic magazine could chip, while a metal magazine could dent. When you attach a base pad to the bottom of the magazine, its weight will ensure that it hits the ground first. Because it's rubber, the base pad will absorb the impact and reduce the risk of damage to the magazine.

Visit a local gun shop to browse its selection of magazine base pads.