What To Expect When Taking Online Spin Classes

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What To Expect When Taking Online Spin Classes

3 November 2020
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Have you been wanting to get moving while you're stuck at home? Have you considered getting an indoor cycling bike for some virtual spin classes? If so, here is what you can expect from the overall experience.

Class Selection

There are many fitness services that offer online classes that you can watch from the comfort of home and follow along with. Expect for there to be plenty of filters to narrow down the class that you want to take from the hundreds or thousands that are available to you. You can select a specific instructor, the length of the ride, level of difficulty, and even the theme of the music that you are peddling to. Once you make a selection, you'll be guided through all of the movements that you do on the bike.

Cadence Guidance

One of the nice things about taking a virtual spin class is that the instructor is going to guide you through it with the cadence you should be peddling at. A good instructor is going to make a nice flow increase in difficulty and ramp it down over the course of the workout, and pick a series of songs that help get you there. When you take a spin class, it is common for the music to guide your cadence so that you pedal along with the beat of the music. Even if you don't have a bike that tells you how many RPMs you are peddling, you can typically feel the cadence with the music. 

Resistance Guidance

In addition, you'll be told how much resistance you should be putting on the bike. This is the amount of space that you feel underneath your feet, and it can make it feel like you are on a climb up a mountain, a flat road, or heading downhill. If you do not have a way to tell the exact resistance reading that your bike is at, you'll need to do it based on how the pedals feel. If you're simulating a climb uphill, the resistance should be difficult, but not too difficult that you can't keep pedaling to the beat of the music. 

Lift Guidance

There will also be times where the instructor tells you to lift yourself off the seat during your ride to help push through those climbs. While lifts can be optional for beginners, you may find that they help you give that extra energy that you need to get to the top of a hill.

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