3 Things To Look For In Aluminum Trailer Storage Boxes

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3 Things To Look For In Aluminum Trailer Storage Boxes

19 August 2020
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If you need to add a storage box to your trailer, then aluminum is a good way to go. This metal is strong, lightweight, and able to withstand all kinds of weather without rusting.

Before you buy a box, however, it's important to make sure that you get the best product for your needs. Storage boxes have some features that extend their life and make them more useful.

Which features are good to have?

1. Fully Welded Seams

Even though aluminum is strong, it can get damaged over time. Its lighter weight also means that you have to take care with its construction to make sure that the box is as tough as possible.

It's a good idea to look at trailer boxes that have fully welded seams. If the edges of the box are all welded together, then you get a more robust solution. Welded seams make it harder for anyone to force the box open — there are fewer weak spots.

Plus, a full weld gives you a tighter connection. Your box's edges won't have any gaps or holes between them. This makes a box more waterproof and weatherproof. So, anything you store in it stays dry and safe.

2. High-Quality Lid Seals

Lids on trailer boxes can end up being weak spots. If the lid doesn't have a seal around its edges, then it won't fit snugly. It won't keep out water if it rains.

While any seal is an improvement on no seal, it's worth looking for high-quality materials here. You want seals that give a tight fit. Avoid thin and flimsy plastics. They'll work fine for a time. However, as you use the box, flimsy seals will wear down and may even come off.

If you buy a trailer box with weatherproof seals made from sturdier materials like synthetic rubbers, then the seal will last longer. It'll stay in place.

3. Lid Struts

Getting things in and out of a trailer box can be hard if the lid doesn't stay open on its own. You'll need one hand to keep the lid open.

Some boxes come with struts inside their lids. These struts hold the lid in position when you open it so you can focus on what you need to do. Some larger boxes have gas-powered struts which are also useful. These struts make the lid open more easily which is a bonus if you're working with a heavy lid on a bigger box.

To find out more about these and other useful features, contact aluminum trailer storage box suppliers.