Three Reasons To Experiment With Cannabis Edibles At Home

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Three Reasons To Experiment With Cannabis Edibles At Home

23 January 2019
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Taking cannabis in its edible format — in a gummy, a baked good, or something similar — can be an experience that is enjoyable and that has medicinal value. Your local cannabis dispensary can not only sell you different types of edibles with varying dosages of THC, but can also help you to make the right decision about which product to buy. When it comes to consuming edibles, especially as a novice, you'll generally want to do so at home. While you might be tempted to take some edibles to a friend's house for a gathering, you should avoid acting on this urge and, instead, use your edibles only at home. Here are three reasons why.

You Don't Want To Drive Afterward

Cannabis may be legal in your state, but that doesn't mean that it's legal to operate a vehicle after you've consumed any cannabis product. You may not be fully aware of how your body will react to an edible, especially if you're new to this type of product. You don't want to find yourself in a position in which you're tempted to drive home after visiting a friend's house and consuming the edible. You may still be under the influence of cannabis and thus not safe to drive. When you experiment at home, you won't face such issues.

You May Get Sleepy

Cannabis edibles affect people differently. For some people, consuming an edible product creates a deep feeling of relaxation, often to the point at which it's easy to fall asleep. If you're going to be sleepy after using cannabis, the best place that you can be is in your own home. You may not feel comfortable about dozing off at a friend's house, nor may doing so be particularly practical. If you're sleepy after an edible in your own home, you can simply crawl into your bed.

You May Have Unexpected Reactions

Some people experience unexpected reactions from edible products, often as a result from consuming a product with too high of a dosage for their THC tolerance level. The result can be short-term hallucinations, which many people enjoy, but that also may not be something that the first-time user wishes to experience away from home. The best place to deal with such side effects is in your home, especially if you have a loved one with you who can help you to feel comfortable and safe until the effects wear off.

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