4 Steps To Accelerated Free Fall

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4 Steps To Accelerated Free Fall

12 December 2018
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If you love roller coasters and heights, but you want a bigger challenge, you should consider learning to skydive. AFF stands for accelerated free fall, and it's a training method used to teach people how to skydive. AFF is a safe and effective way to learn how to participate in this great sport. Here are four steps to AFF.

1. Attend a lecture.

The first thing you'll do is attend a comprehensive class where you'll learn the basics of skydiving in a classroom setting. Your instructor will teach you the basic steps of executing a successful skydive, and you'll get to explore the equipment that you'll use in the air. You'll learn about the parachute, harnesses, and even the airplane used in skydiving. Your teacher will give you safety tips, and it's important that you pay close attention since skydiving is a serious matter. This class typically takes a few hours.

2. Perform an instructor-assisted jump.

Next up is the exciting part: you will take your first jump as part of the AFF course. For this jump, you won't be connected to your instructor in a tandem-style rig. Instead, you'll jump from the plane with your instructor behind you holding your harness. Once you reach the desired distance from the ground, your instructor will let go, and you will deploy your parachute and come down on your own. Over the course of the program, you'll do several of these jumps to learn to control your descent and parachute effectively.

3. Perform a solo jump.

After you've mastered the necessary skills with the help of an instructor, it's time for you to start doing solo jumps. At this stage, you will be performing the entire skydive yourself, although your instructors will still supervise you. At this point, you will learn to make crucial decisions yourself and hone your abilities as a skydiver.

4. Pass a final test.

At the end of the AFF course, you'll be certified if you pass the final test. You will first have to take a written test that covers skydiving safety and methods. Next, you'll do a solo jump to prove that you have acquired the skills necessary to skydive completely unsupervised.

Skydiving can be a thrilling and rewarding hobby. It's the perfect activity for anyone who loves excitement and adventure. If you're interested in learning to skydive, don't hesitate to sign up for an AFF course.