Etiquette Tips For Your Group Golfing Event

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Etiquette Tips For Your Group Golfing Event

12 August 2018
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If relaxing at a local country club and playing a couple rounds of golf is your ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon, think about how much more fun it would be if you invited a few of your close friends to join you. Of course, if your friends haven't ever visited the club before or are fairly new to golfing, you should consider some etiquette tips that will make the outing a blast for everyone who attends.

Inquire About Your Membership Perks

Before inviting your friends to the club, inquire about the benefits associated with your club membership so that you are certain of how many guests you can invite to join you. Since you are the host of the upcoming outing, cover any costs that your membership doesn't include.

The last thing that you will want to do is catch one of your buddies off guard by asking them to chip in and then finding out that they are deeply embarrassed because they do not have enough funds to foot the bill. 

Allow Your Friends To Call The Shots

Let the friends who you have chosen know that you would like them to join you at the club on a Saturday and allow each one to mull over the suggestion and come up with a date that works for them. On the day of the event, request that everyone meets you at the clubhouse.

After everyone has arrived, provide your guests with a brief tour of the clubhouse and give some details about the golf course and any other activities that are offered at the establishment.

Don't force your friends to go right out onto the course. Instead, let them choose what they would like to do first. Your pals may be interested in sampling some of the food or beverages that the club serves while everyone shoots the breeze before heading out to the course.

Rent A Couple Golf Carts And Be Easy On Your Friends

Even if you enjoy walking each time that you play golf, your friends may not be as keen about it as you are. Rent a couple golf carts so that each player is alleviated from needing to carry their golf clubs as they traverse the holes on the course.

If you are a fairly good golfer, don't expect your guests to play at the same level as you. Encourage your friends and congratulate them for each achievement that they make while on the course.