What Is Done When Your Boat Is Winterized?

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What Is Done When Your Boat Is Winterized?

24 September 2017
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At the end of boat season, it is strongly recommended that you have a boat service done that is called winterizing. Winterizing helps to prepare your boat for both cold temperatures and for sitting unused for months. Problems can arise if your boat is not winterized that can make your boat need repairs once warm weather hits and you are ready to take your boat out on the water again. Many people are unfamiliar with what winterizing a boat consists of and what actions are performed during this boat service. Here are a few of the things that a professional does when winterizing your boat. 

Preparing the Engines

After time out on the water, both your inboard and outboard engines need to be cleaned. When your boat is winterized, both of these engines are properly cleaned, removing any gunk and debris that may otherwise sit on either engine. The oil is changed, run through the engines and the engines are also lubricated. This helps to ensure that the parts do not freeze or become rusty in the winter months. 

Filling Your Fuel Tank

If your boat is not going to be in use, you may leave the tank low or think about draining the fuel tank. However, this is not advised. Instead, the fuel tank is filled up and a fuel stabilizer is added to it. If the fuel tank is empty or half empty, condensation can build up in the tank. When you go to fill your tank, there will now be water mixed in with the fuel, which can cause your boat to stall or cause damage to the engine. Filling it up helps prevent this. The stabilizer helps to prevent the fuel from freezing or going bad from sitting. 

Cleaning the Boat

The last thing that is done when the boat is winterized is properly cleaning it. Once a boat is pulled from water, all of the hoses, heads and systems should be drained of water. From there, all of these parts should be properly cleaned to remove any debris that may be stuck in them. The exterior of the boat should also be cleaned, waxed and sealed, helping to prevent staining or rust from forming while the boat is being stored for the winter months. 

Fall is now here and for most people, this signals the end of boating season. If you are ready to put your boat away for the season, contact a boat repair and maintenance company today to winterize your boat. This helps to keep your boat safe while it is being stored unused during the cold winter months.