2 Awesome Reasons To Take Break Dance Lessons

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2 Awesome Reasons To Take Break Dance Lessons

28 August 2017
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Whether you are new to the world of dancing and want to get started in a great class, or an experienced dancer looking to try something new, you should consider taking a break dancing class. Break dancing classes are offered at all different levels, ranging from beginner level class to advanced classes. You can also choose classes that are geared towards adults or ones that are geared towards teenagers or children. This makes it so that you are dancing with your peers, which often makes people feel most comfortable. If you are interested in classes that compete, this can often be found as well, but you may need to audition in order to make the competitive dance team. This article will discuss two awesome reasons why you should take break dance lessons.

Get In Great Shape 

One awesome reason to take break dancing classes is to get into great shape. Performing traditional exercises at the gym can be boring and hard to stick to. If you take break dancing lessons instead, you will likely have so much fun that you don't realize how great of a workout you are getting. You will work you upper body, lower body, and your core during every single lesson, all without lifting a single weight. This is due to the fact that your body weight is the weight that you are essentially lifting while doing different dance movies. You will also increase your flexibility, which can reduce your risk of injury during dancing, other forms of exercise, sports, etc. 

Improve Your Coordination

As a dancer, it is very important that you have good coordination. It is this coordination that makes it possible for you to move several parts of your body at one time, thus creating the fluid movement of dancing. Since break dancing requires more strength and control then a lot of other forms of dance, you will help to improve your coordination even more. You will learn to flip, twist, and otherwise rotate and spin your body in positions that go from horizontal to vertical and then back again. You will gain greater control of your upper body then you would in most other forms of dance as well because you will learn moves where you brace yourself on your hands and/or arms, and use them to lift your feet and legs to the side or above your head. Overall, this improved coordination will improve your ability to perform other dances moves, play sports, and more.