How You Can Detoxify Your Body Even If You Are A Smoker

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How You Can Detoxify Your Body Even If You Are A Smoker

29 June 2017
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You might think that detoxifying your body is only for those health-food-eating people who spend their days at the gym. The body actually does a good job of cleansing itself from toxins on a daily basis but there are some things you can do during your daily life that can help your body perform detoxing processes. It doesn't matter if you are a smoker either, you are able to cleanse by following these simple steps.

Eat More Fiber

While it is always a good idea to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, if you really want to detox your body then you must add more fiber to your daily meals. Fiber will help your digestive system function at peak efficiency and can actually help improve it should your digestion usually be sluggish. If you add foods like green beans, potatoes, apples, and even cauliflower, you will find your body will feel more energized and lighter.

Juice or Drink Cleanse

You might have heard of the popular juice cleanse that became a household name a few years ago. Well, there is a reason why this method was so popular, it does work in detoxifying your body. Juice cleanses help to remove hard to digest food that can prove toxic to your body and gives your stomach a rest from breaking down certain foods. You can choose fruits and vegetables with a good mix of vitamins and fiber like spinach, apples and pears, herbs and ginger for great tasting juices and drinks that will help improve your body's digestive systems. Look for a Detoxify Drink that will fit your meal plan.


It's not a good idea to fast too often as your body does need the nutrients that food gives you, but fasting once in a while can be beneficial. You can take a break from eating for half a day or even one full day to boost your body's energy, and it also can help in weight loss as it shocks the digestive system into burning more fat. If you do choose to fast, then you must still drink water or a detoxifying drink to keep your body nourished.

Try Vaping

If you are smoker and potentially trying to quit or perhaps just wish to cleanse your body and lungs, then switch to vaping. Water pipes can help cleanse your lungs while still giving you the flavor of either traditional cigarettes or other flavored smokes. You might find you will switch to using a water pipe over traditional cigarettes or cigars over time.