Rafting And Bike Tour Safety

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Rafting And Bike Tour Safety

16 June 2017
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Warm weather is an excellent time to experience the outdoors to the fullest with a biking and rafting tour. You can also purchase single packages of each, or combine them for the ultimate adventure. You can tackle the waves and exciting drops on a rafting tour, and take in the beautiful outdoor scenery of a bike tour. Biking and rafting tours are a great way for families to have fun together. While rafting and biking are both fun outdoor activities, neither comes without risks. Safety is the key to a great outdoor experience. If you're planning to book a biking and rafting tour, here are three tips to keep you and your family safe. 

Choose the Right Adventure

Rafting and biking tours are offered at various tiers based on skill level. While you may want to challenge yourself, it's much safer to choose a package that matches your skill level. If you're a beginner, make sure to choose the beginner biking and rafting tour package. If you're experienced, go with a moderate package and if you're advanced, it's okay to choose a high adventure package. Be sure to speak with your sales representative to make sure the package you're choosing matches your experience and skill level. 

Stay with the Tour Group

The length of your tour will depend on the package you choose. However, regardless of the length of your bike, or rafting tour, for your own safety, it's crucial that you stay with your tour group. Even if you consider yourself advanced, stick with your tour guide and the other members of your group to minimize risk. For example, if you're on a bike tour and your split from the group, fall off of your bike and injure your ankle, it may take much longer to get help. 

Arrive Prepared

Tour brochures list recommended items to bring with you for the trip and it's important that you pay close attention, pack well and come prepared. If you're purchasing a rafting tour package, you'll likely be able to rent wet suits and other rafting gear from the tour facility. However, you'll still want to bring a few items to keep yourself safe. The rocks are incredibly slippery, for example, and regular flip fops won't cut it. You'll need to bring a sturdy pair of shoes like Bootdoctors that have a good tread on them so that you don't slip and fall when walking across the terrain.