3 Tips For Finding The Best Fishing Spots While You Are On Vacation

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3 Tips For Finding The Best Fishing Spots While You Are On Vacation

31 May 2017
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If you are looking forward to catching a lot of fish on your next vacation, you may wonder how to find the most prolific spots for fish in the area to which you are heading. If so, use the three tips below to find the best fishing spots while you are on vacation.

See Where The Record Breakers Were Caught

Before or during your trip, check to see where the record-breaking fish were caught in the area. You can usually find this information in the local newspapers, as well as posted at the ranger's station. If you have problems finding the list, ask a park ranger where the biggest fish were caught.

If you see a specific area where several large fish were caught, you may want to plan on visiting it. While there is no guarantee you will catch a big one, the odds are turned slightly in your favor if you go where they have been.

Ask Locals For Recommendations

Another way to find a good fishing spot is to ask the locals for recommendations. Especially if fishing is a major past time in the area, you may come across some individuals who are happy to share this information with you.

However, you also want to tread lightly when asking hardcore fisherman about their favorite spots. Some of them do not like to give up their secret fishing holes, especially to tourists. First, strike up a general conversation about fishing, then get a feel for whether or not it would be appropriate to ask.

Hire A Private Fishing Charter

Hiring a private fishing charter is another way to find good spots to catch a lot of fish. While searching for a charter, try to pick one that has been in the area for several years and is run by locals who would know secret spots where the fish tend to bite.

Also, ask if the guide can give you pointers on bait and tackle that attract the local species of fish. This combined with knowing where to fish can increase your chances of having a big catch

Using one or all of the tips above can give you an idea of where the fish are most abundant. If you do decide to hire a private fishing charter, such as Queen Conch Charters, contact them before you go on vacation so they can answer any questions you may have, as well as discuss their available charter packages with you.